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Christmas Gift Guide

 Christmas Gift Guide


Cyclist Gifts For a cyclist, the joy of riding is unlike anything else in the world. Cyclists live for the steep climbs, the descents, and the long miles that provide a getaway from their everyday activity. Whether you are a cyclist looking to gift yourself something to make your biking experience even better or you know a cyclist who would appreciate a gift this season, shopping for your favorite cyclist gadgets does not have to drill a hole in your pocket.

Here are four of the most useful, fun, and affordable bike gifts for a cycling enthusiast this holiday

  • Bicycle Brake Light: Seeing and being seen while you are on your bike is quite literally a matter of life and death. Motorists are easily distractible, so be sure they can’t miss your friends or loved ones with this bicycle brake light. This clever brake light packs a lot of safety innovation into a small package. The red LED lamp taillight makes clever use of an incorporated system to instantly turn off as bike brakes. The result is a dual-purpose light that alerts traffic when you intend to slow down or stop in order to get drivers' attention and making sure they see you.
  • Bicycle Chain Cleaner: Have you always wanted to keep your bicycle chains free of dust and dirt without having to use a toothbrush? Or perhaps you have a squeaky bicycle chain that needs to be stopped. Then this affordable chain cleaner is the definition of “cleaning made easy”.

With a 360° rotating feature that enables it to remove all the grease and mud that have piled up and hidden in every corner and spaces in your chains, this bicycle chain cleaner valued at less than $15 is a must-have gift for your favorite cycling enthusiast.

  • LED Bicycle lights – Laser Projection: A LED bike light is the perfect bike accessory for a cyclist riding in the dark or even in the daytime where visibility is reduced. Installing LED bike lights on your bicycle means you get to ride wherever you want, whenever you want, regardless of the conditions outside. Gifting your friend or relation who has a bicycle this gift is a sure way to have them falling in love with you this holiday period. This simple solid design laser LED lights come with a 50% discount just for you this season!
  • LED Tire Valve Cap - Motion Activated: There’s a reason this gift is our absolute best seller! For less than $9, you can gift your favorite biker a gift they would appreciate for a lifetime. Beyond the aesthetic appeal that this LED Tire Valve Cap offers a bike, these awesome bike lights enhances the riders visibility in the dark, helps keep out dirt and dust, play a role in maintaining correct tire pressure because they minimize the chances of air leaking out of the valve, and in the long run also ensure a longer tire life.

For only $8.99, you could be the best thing that happens to your favorite biker this holiday season.



Massage Lover Gifts

A trip to the spa is a lavish Christmas gift that may be a little beyond your budget. These affordable massage products mean you can give that special someone the gift of relaxation without paying a premium price. Best of all, these products make it easy to enjoy a mini massage despite a busy holiday schedule.

Here are two of the most useful therapeutic gifts for a massage lover this holiday.

  • Cupping Therapy Kit: A cupping therapy kit would help that special someone detoxify their body and reduce stress and inflammation with a therapeutic cupping system designed to restore healthy circulation and offer deep tissue massage. Chinese body cupping therapy has been used to help relieve stress, muscle soreness, joint pain and inflammation for thousands of years. And now, thanks to this cupping therapy kit, you can enjoy those same great results in the comfort of your own home. 
  • For a discount bargain of $19.99 (formerly 39.99), you can get this kit which would not only help you improve your physical self by reversing the signs of skin aging by eliminating toxins or dead skin cells. Regular cupping therapy sessions can improve your ability to get deeper, more relaxing sleep while promoting a healthier, happier mood in the process.
  • Finger Massager: Gifting yourself or your loved one this finger massager can help to relieve discomfort caused by chronic arthritis, diabetes, and other repetitive tasks such as typing and playing instruments. Your man works hard at the office and this would be the perfect relaxing gift from an adoring wife to a deserving husband. The soft finger rollers on this finger massager would work on the muscles and joints, improving circulation, finger flexibility, and grip strength. The included metallic acupressure rings also help stimulate nerves and acu points along your finger, serving as excellent hand reflexology tools.

Just for you and that special someone this season, we’re giving away this awesome tool for just $6.99.



For fishing lovers

It takes an incredible amount of patience, planning, and dedication, as well as diligence to be a success at fishing. Support your loved one who is a fishing enthusiast this season with a gift that helps them get the job done. From a fish finder to a bait combination set, there something here for a person who loves the creatures underwater!

Here are five perfect fishing gifts for you or your favorite fish lover this season.

  • Fishing Bite Alarm: Designed for the fishing enthusiast who likes to multitask on multi-rods, this fishing bite alarm helps them keep an eye on all rods by giving off a high sensitive wheel accurately triggered the alarm for every fish bite – so your favorite fishing lover never loses another catch!

For the discount price of $14.99 (formerly 29.99), we offer this next-level fishing gadget to make your fishing experience even more memorable.

  • Fishing Hook Holder: If you need the perfect gift for your favorite fishing lover who wants to keep their hook and line combos from getting tangled and or stuck in their fingers, then this fishing hook holder is sure to be a pleasant surprise this season! This fishing hook holder is easier to install than traditional hook keepers and can be re-positioned as much as you like. Handy fold-away design snaps into upright position quickly with cam-lock action. I

n the spirit of the season, we are giving away this set of five fishing hook holder for just $9.99

  • Fishing Pliers Multi-tool : Fishing pliers are a must-have for your favorite fishing enthusiast when they want to remove hooks and cut braid lines. For a season discount of $14.95 (from $29.99), you can make your loved ones Christmas with this multi-tool. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this fishing pliers function as split ring tool, crimpers, flat jaw section to crush barbs, curved jaws for hook removal, super sharp cutter easily cuts braided fishing lines, monoline, and fluorocarbon line for fishing. Order now and get your fishing enthusiast one step closer to fishing paradise.
  • Precision Sonar fish finder: The fishing process can be fun and even addictive but it also takes a lot of patience and time and could ultimately keep your loved one outdoors for long periods of time. Regain lost time with your favorite fishing enthusiast with a device that helps them find and catch fish faster! This precision sonar fish finder can detect and display water depth, approximate fish location, weeds, sand, and rocks on the seabed.

And the best part is you can get this device for as low as $49.99 this holiday season

  • Soft Bait Combination Set: Finding a fish's location with the Precision Sonar Fishfinder gives your favorite fishing lover added advantage at sea. Take that edge even further with this soft bait combination set. Perfect for ocean boat fishing, ocean rock fishing, ocean beach fishing, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, ponds and streams, this soft bait combination features detailed patterns and life-like colors that simulate bait fish, with steel ball bearing rattles that offer an aggressive presentation thus giving you the advantage.

Take your fishing experience to a whole new level with this $14.99 product.


For Dog Lovers

There are two types of people in this world: dog lovers, and everyone else. We compiled a list of 4 sweet gifts just for humans who prefer the company of dogs over other people, just in case you’d like to give your friends something they’ll truly love.

And don’t worry; we won’t judge if you order these for yourself, too – in fact, we might just throw in a discount.

  • Dog Teeth Ball: This dog teeth ball is more than just a treat ball – it is by far the coolest dog ball on the market! With its unique smile, bouncing and floating, this ball promises your furry friend an awesome game of fetch. This dog teeth ball not only encourages physically active dogs but stimulates mentally sharp ones too! Simply put the treats in the back of the ball and let your pooch dive in. The tiny suction prevention hole in the front of the ball ensures that your dog's tongue won't get stuck trying to lick out those treats because safety is always first when it comes to man’s best friend.

Get this funny dog teeth ball for yourself or your favorite dog lover for the low price of $9.99.

  • LED Dog and Cat Collar: Keep your furry friend safe even in the lowest lighting conditions and even in the darkest of nights with this 100% brand new and high quality LED collar.

Purchasing this LED Collar gives you and your dog:

✓ Ultimate visibility and safety from all angles.

✓ Optimal awareness, even when it's completely dark outside.

✓ Peace of mind - Know that you and your dog are seen and safe. Here's why this LED collar the perfect companion for all of your dog's activities - from dusk till dawn:

✓ Fully rechargeable battery pack - plug into any USB port to charge

✓ 5 Hours of battery life per charge

✓ Change the light between steady mode, rapid flashing and slow flashing with just 1 click ✓ Available in 6 night-lighting colors: Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, and Yellow.

For even better visibility, we would advise you purchase the LED Dog Leash as well. This LED collar comes at a discount price of $19.99 (formerly $29.99), just for you and your favorite dog lover this holiday!

  • LED Dog Leash : Make your furry companion safer and more visible at night with this super affordable LED dog leash priced at a discount price of $12.99 (from $17.99), just for you this season.

This leash is recommended for dog lovers who walk their dogs in low lighting areas or after dark. For optimal visibility results, purchase the LED Dog Collar as well.

  • LED Light Cap: Getting the LED Dog Leash and LED Dog collar gives your furry companion a better chance at being seen in low lighting situations by drivers. But sometimes, when walking your dog in the dark, you need more than just illumination from the leash and collar – you need the LED Light Cap.

Let the light guide your way with this hands-free LED baseball cap with 5 bright LED lights.And the best part is, you can get this UNISEX cap for a discount price of $16.99 (formerly $29.99) this holiday season.


Perfect Gifts for Dads and Husbands

You may be the apple of his eye, but these gifts for your dad, husband or boyfriend will put a sparkle in his eye. Make his day with one of these awesome, creative gifts.

Because it’s officially that time of year again, we’ve rounded up some of the coolest dad gifts for your best bud…or the mailman. From dad to son or husband to boyfriend, we’ve got all your guy needs covered this holiday season!

  • Facial Hair Trimmer: Suitable for cleaning up eyebrows, uni-brows, and unwanted upper lip hair, this facial hair trimmer is sure to be the pleasant surprise for your man this season. With uniquely designed cutter heads that prevent painful pulling and dry skin, high-performance blades that remove excess hair with full-angle, precision movement, this totally safe, unique and multi-purpose hair trimmer would have your man looking like a snack this season!

Add this to your cart for as low as $16.99 now!

  • Snore Stopping Wristband : Get an ultra-quiet sleep for yourself and those around you with this amazing best-seller snore stopping wristband.

The non-invasive biosensor technology detects snoring instantly and triggers nerve stimulation on your wrist through biofeedback. The gentle impulses and the sensation prompt you to switch your position without interrupting your sleep pattern. Its wireless design and wristwatch size help you have quieter nights and fresher mornings anywhere you go.

On the plane, in your hotel or in the comfort of your own bed, this affordable snore stopping wristband is all you need. Get it now at a discount price of $19.99 (formerly $39.98). 


Gifts for someone who wears eyeglasses

Because reading glasses have blossomed into such a key fashion must-have over the years, they now make a wonderful gift. If you wear reading glasses or someone in your life wears reading glasses, you could get yourself or them the perfect present for this season with this nifty little guide.

  • Glasses Cleaner: Tired of smudges, residue, and streaks that lens cleaners leave on your glasses? Looking for the perfect glass cleaner? Then look no further! This microfiber glasses cleaner is made to get smudges off the lens that plain wipe cloths leave behind.

For a discount price of $9.95 (formerly $14.99), you can give yourself or your loved one a clearer view of the world!

Gifts for Golfers

Golf is one of the few games that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you know a golfer who's in need of some new gear this gift guide is for you. Here are two of the finest gifts for golfers, this holiday season.

  • Golf Club Groove Sharpening Tool: Getting the perfect backspin and ball control depends on how well-grooved your irons are. The grooves in your irons are designed to enable ball control and spin and frequent use of your golf club would not only fill the grooves with debris but can also damage the groove edge.

This golf club groove sharpening tool works by cutting away bent over metal in the grooves of your clubs and re-sharpen groove. For the super affordable price of $14.99, this gift would also remove the grit and dirt that builds up on your or your favorite golfer’s golf club over time.

  • Golf Club Head Covers : Looking for a 10 for the price of 1 deal for your favorite golfing enthusiast this holiday season? Then these golf club head covers fit just right into that description.

Featuring a small and exquisite appearance designed for a convenient carry and with 10 different types golf bag cover, this golf gift is the perfect choice for golf lovers.

Protect your golf putter head covers from bumps and scratches this season for just $19.99 as you enjoy golfing even more with these golf covers.


Gifts for skating fans

Skaters are always on the move and as they whizz past us, we can all agree that we hold out for some sort of showboating. If you know a skating fan who would love an upgrade this holiday season but you are not sure what they would like, then this gift guide should point you in the right direction.

  • Glowing Rollerblade Wheels : Light up the night with this awesome glowing rollerblade. With 3 super bright motion-activated LED lights that shine for over 10,000 hours, glowing in the dark could not feel any better!

Even better is the fact that these blades are powered by centrifugal force and as such you never have to change batteries.

Put the spark back in your favorite skater’s drift with this amazing $17.99 bargain.

Gifts for watch lovers

It’s the gifting season all over again and with our amazing discounts, everyone gets a gift this holiday! These gifts are for people who embrace anachronism when it is framed in beauty. Here are the perfect gifts for lovers of machines and collectors of wearable art. We have put this guide together so you don’t have to break the bank to get the timepiece aficionado in your life a gift.

  • Watch Back Case Opener : It may be way too expensive to pay a jeweler to replace the battery. Now with this easy-use watch toolset, you can do it yourself!

Made of superior stainless steel material, our watch case opener works great on 99% waterproof watches. With an adjustable jaw distance from 11 mm to 54 mm which can fit different size watch cases, this watch back case opener is the most effective tool for watch case opening.

For a discount price of $14.99 (formerly $26.99), you can gift yourself or your favorite watch lover this exclusive gift for this year’s holiday.

  • Watch Band Pin Remover: Removing links from a watch to adjust the watch band has never been easier. This incredibly simple tool provides another method for removing pins from metal watch bands.

Simply place the band in the channel, lining the link pin-up with the pusher pin and use the outside screw to apply pressure and push the link pin out of the watch.

This unique design will not scratch or mar the surface of your watch band and it takes out the margin of human error a handheld Pin pusher and hammer have.

For a season giveaway price of $14.99, you are guaranteed true value for your money with this awesome tool.